I am going to present you with my idea about decentralized manufacturing (drop production) that could potentially boost local economy and reduce C02 emission, shipping and packaging waste.

In todays society a product is first designed, then produced in a large factory before it is shipped to local warehouses and then shipped again to a retail store.

This add cost of the product, but also shipping and packaging.

In each level there is a profit taken from the company that design the product, then the shipping company and off course the packaging cost.

Then the shop sell this product with some profit, and they have to fill up the inventory when they only have a few parts left.

Now imagine that the shop had access to a worldwide database with lot of products that they could make themselves. It would not be every product, but it could be mounting brackets, adapters or other similar products.

The shop got them selves a 3d printer from a local shop and then they would have access to the database and the product would have premade gcodes that are tuned by the local 3d printer retailer.

The shop selling a 3d printer would have a larger group of potential clients that help them grow, and the shop that produce and sell the 3dprinted product could access the database from a display on the printer.

For each finished print they would pay a % that goes back to the designer of the product and the company hosting the database. (technical details are made, but do not want to share them yet)

The possibility to access the database and print would not be built into the 3d printer itself, but more as a cash register system connected to the printer. (Some printers might come with this feature built in)

The shop would be able to print normal products if they want, but the premade gcodes for the printer itself are in the attached system.

I have all the details around this idea, but as every new idea you need capital. This is where you all come into play.

By investing into this new idea you would make it possible for your local bike shop or another shop to make your own design and get a % cut from every shop that produce your part. As a customer you might not have to wait 3-4 weeks and have your part shipped from a warehouse, but get it produced locally at your shop. If an original part break then the shop could perhaps just make you a new one.

If the 3d printer shop close to you are able to scan your product, then designers could help you make this into a CAD file.

Later it could be available for purchase in your local shop.

The designers would not charge you a high one payment cost, because they see the value of a % cut from sale instead. This would benefit so many on so many levels and I have many people wanting to join this new venture.

I believe that we are IN THE MOMENT where production could be close to the customer in a decentralized matter that would benefit many and even the world itself. If you believe in this then join the new direction as an investor, designer or as a local shop that want to produce locally.

I already have several companies in Norway and other countries interested in joining this system and bikeshops that want to use a 3d printer to boost local income

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